MaromeTech has been founded by Jos Gunsing in 2012. Initially he combined his work for MaromeTech with his job as a professor in robotics & mechatronics for the Avans University of applied sciences. Since he reached his maximum term length of 8 years for Avans early 2017 he is now fulltime occupied with MaromeTech. Jos has ample experience in system architecting and managing complex multidisciplinary technology projects; in particular for innovative product development projects and organizations. He worked especially in inkjet printing, semicon, automotive, medical care and agriculture. He has a very good feeling for risks, challenges and solution directions being able to integrate many opinions typical for a multidisciplinary team. Reaching business and project goals plus working with and coaching of out-spoken professionals is his daily habitat. Participation in many projects gave him an extensive expertise network in (applied) research education and high-tech industry.

ir. Jos Gunsing,
technology innovator and owner at MaromeTech





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